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5.4. Parallel connection

If a power supply or converter with a sufficient output current is not available, several units can be connected in parallel, although this may cause some trouble. When two or more power supplies are connected in parallel, the one with the highest voltage tends to provide the overall power demanded by the load. When the equipment reaches its current limiting value, it tends to decrease its voltage and keep its current (when a constant-current limitation is applied), at which moment another device in parallel providing the rest of the power demand starts operating. This means that one of the power supply units will be operating in permanent limiting operation, but since these power supply and converter units are designed to operate at ease in current limiting conditions, this connection can be admitted as valid. The best way to connect power supply or converter units in parallel is shown in figure 32, in which two resistors have been added for a better balance of the current of each power supply or converter.

Figure 32

Figure 32