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5.5. Redundant connection

A good reason to connect power supply equipment in parallel is the redundant connection. In this type of connection, two power supply or converter units are used to feed a single load through diodes. It is used in applications where a lack of power supply at the load causes a severe problem. When one of the two power supply units fails, the other starts operating and the diode protecting to the faulted power supply that has failed locks current flow toward such unit, and thus the redundant device is not charged. In order to have a 100% redundant connection, it is necessary for each of the connected devices to be capable of supplying the full power demanded by the load. Please note that a battery with the same voltage as the main power supply can be used as redundant power supply. Such a battery will provide for power supply while the faulted power supply unit is changed. The diodes comprising redundant setup consists should be sized in such a way that they withstand the operation current and the power required by the application, where heatsinks may even be necessary.

Figure 33

Figure 33