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6.1. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

From January, 1st, 1996, full compliance with the European Directive for Electromagnetic Compatibility 89/336/EEC is compulsory. This regulation imposes a reduction of the radiated and conductive noise level to acceptable values and requires equipment to be immune in environments with certain radiation levels and external noise input through the mains terminals. This Directive is broken down in three standards: basic, generic and product-specific. The basic standard establishes test methods, the product standard is applies to specific product classes and the generic standard applies to all kinds of equipment in an electromagnetic environment which is not covered in the product-specific standard. Generic and product-specific standards refer to the basic standard to carry out the test used to work out the compliance statement. A first division can be made between aspects referring to emission (radiated and conducted) and to susceptibility (radiated, conducted and discharged). The table below shows the three types of standards published in February 1996. As a manufacturer, it is your responsibility to choos e the standard your products will have to meet.